Recover Deleted Photos in Few Clicks Using Picture Recovery Software

If you have accidentally format the storage media or hard-drive then you might loose your picture and other important data which you need later. Most of the people have no any idea that after deleting or formating the storage media, data will goes permanently or what? But, in fact you can easily recover your picture and other stored data. Picture Recovery Software is there for your lost picture which can easily recovered your all valuable pictures and stored in new file. Now, you not need to get worried if by mistake you have loose your most memorable pictures and all from the storage device.

What are the reason for loosing picture ?

  1. Unknowingly formatting the storage media.
  2. Re-formatting the hard drive and changing the file system i.e NTFS or FAT or vice-versa
  3. Selecting of wrong hard drives during OS re-installation
  4. Accidentally formatting the internal storage of your digital camera or mobile phone while fiddling through the menu

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Why Picture Recovery Software ?

Picture Recovery Software is designed in such a way that it can retrieve picture from all kids of storage device. Unfortunately, if you have lost your priceless picture from digital camera or phone memory then no need to worry. This recovery software can recover all your picture if the internal memory of the device get detected after connecting to computer. Software recover picture from professional digital cameras (DSLRs) generated high resolution RAW picture with it's original quality.

Working of the Picture Recovery Software

Below are procedures for recovering pictures after getting delete or formated from the storage media.

Connect the same storage media to a new computer or if you have formatted a partition then download the Picture Recovery Software to another partition

  • Install and start the " Picture Recovery Software " and follow the instruction

  • Select the "Lost pictures recovery" option from the two options available on the window

  • Select the drives from the list for recovering picture as shown on the screen.

  • Select the file format which you want to recover, in this case choose picture option

  • Once software completed the scanning process, choose the picture you wish to recover

  • Preview the picture to make sure your selection

  • Select your desired location to store the recovered picture files. You must select diffetent location from the recovering drives.

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