Repair Corrupted PST Files With Pstscan In

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2007 is a prominent email application being used by many people across the world. Microsoft has provided many advanced features and an inbuilt utility Pstscan in Outlook 2007. This very application helps to organize data in an efficient way and offers you a huge storage mechanism. All data of Outlook gets itself stored in PST files and when you want to retrieve any information, these files will provide you with that. So PST files of Outlook are very important but despite this, it comes up with an exception of getting corrupt frequently leading in inaccessibility of the application. Any of such case is unbearable for users and it is necessary to repair these corrupt files instantly to make them usable again. For this purpose, Pstscan utility is used as it is mainly intended to repair corruption in PST file.

About Pstscan in Outlook 2007

It is the inbox repair tool which gets installed automatically in the system with download of Outlook 2007 application . You can even download it from Microsoft's official website if unable to locate the same. However, in Outlook 2007 Pstscan is located at :

32-bit Windows [C:]\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

64-bit Windows [C:]\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

After locating Pstscan, execute this very utility to repair PST files manually. It first diagnoses and scans the PST file to identify corruption and then repair these files. This tool works accordingly for which it is meant in case if corruption is only in the header part of file. It has limitation in repairing files that exceeds 4 GB or if the corruption is severe. It also cannot repair password protected or character format PST files. If one attempts to repair these files with Pstscan, it shows several unknown messages and hangs or may corrupt leading to loss of all data. Although Pstscan in Outlook 2007 is a free utility but it is not successful in repairing all sort of PST corruption.

In case scanpst.exe is failed in repairing files , then Outlook 2007 pst repair software is the best option for the same. It is professional software having more powerful programming logics and efficient scanning algorithm and features . It repairs all sort of damage in PST whether files are oversized or encrypted and provides you with repaired accessible files.